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BusDiary is a software system developed for small, medium and large bus charter operations to record bookings, send confirmations, schedule fleets, generate driver jobsheets, generate invoices, create booking forms and advertising material.
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1993 BusDiary developed.
1994 BusDiary first used.
1995-97 Emailed confirmations. Auto faxing of confirmations and invoices
1997 Networked.
1999 modified to suit different bus companies.
2000 Special Splash added.
2000 Database linked to Quickbooks.
2003 Booking Copy (Splosh) added.
2004 Booking Copy (Splat) added.
2005 Heavily modified to schedule helicopters, planes and work rosters for offshore oil platforms.
2005 Modified to suit Limousine operations.
2006 Fast Booking (Red Hot Fill) entry added.
2006 Send as pdf added.
2006 Editable signatures and emails.
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  BusDiary Bus Scheduling Software
Yesco IT is a small computer company based in Perth Western Australia.
Yesco is a database system designed for use by small and medium bus companies. The program covers almost all of the tasks needed by a charter bus company. The program is also suitable for other industries including Limousine business.
Booking entry.
Schedule checking.
Emailed Confirmations, Quotes, Invoices, Jobsheets.
Driver Licence checking.
Vehicle Licences.
Safety Certificates.

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  BusDiary Bus Scheduling Software
Andy Chalkley
Happy Pty Ltd
72 Eton Street
North Perth WA 6006
abn 36 068 405 621
acn 068 405 621

08 9444 8855
Mobile 0400287287
Happy Pty Ltd trading as Yesco IT

Yesco IT Sales Service and Support.    Written and maintained by Andy Chalkley.    Yesco IT Yes Computer Sales Service and Support.
Written and maintained by Andy Chalkley
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